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The Volvo XC60 Exudes Luxury

The XC60 SUV remains the top choice for people who want elegance and luxury. The XC60 boasts luxury inside and out. The gentle curves of the body are simplistic. Yet give the SUV aerodynamic performance. Chrome finishes on the grille, tailpipes, windows and "Thor Hammer" daylight running lights add to the vehicle's overall sophistication. The 19-inch chrome finished, spoked wheels complete the look.

On the interior, occupants are in the lap of comfort and luxury due to the soft, leather upholstery seats and accents. 

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Covering Paint Imperfections

Whether your vehicle is scratched from a shopping cart in a parking lot or the paint on your vehicle is faded, you can apply touch up paint in a short time to give your vehicle a facelift. Before applying any kind of paint, you need to find a shade that matches the exterior of your vehicle. When you visit North Point Volvo Cars, we can help you find the right shade for your vehicle that will make it look like you haven't applied paint at all.

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Care for Your Vehicle with Back to School Services

There is a certain way that you can care for your vehicle to help it keep running well. We want you to offer your vehicle all of the services that it needs right when it needs them, and it is important for you to have the vehicle serviced before school starts up again.

Before school starts up again, you should check the owner's manual of your vehicle and see if there are maintenance jobs that you have been neglecting.

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Tow More with an SUV

These days, people need cars more than ever to perfectly integrate with all aspects of their lives. They need it for work, travel-related convenience, and even for hobbies as well. One car, in particular, that could see to all your busy needs is the SUV. Towing is definitely one of its strong suits.

Do you enjoy horseback riding? How about riding motorcycles? Other activities like boating and fishing, or even camping and antiquing will likely require you to have a vehicle that can handle towing. 

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How to Replace a Flat Tire Quickly and Easily

This flat tire guide will have you changing a tire like a professional in a matter of minutes. Be sure your vehicle is out of the way of traffic and the engine is off before beginning. Place the emergency brake on, then loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire only a turn or two.

Jack the vehicle high enough so the flat tire is no longer touching the road. Remove the lugs, pull off that flat tire, then replace with the spare tire. Tighten the lugs on the tire bolts a few turns or until the tire is secure…

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Get Inside the New Volvo S60 Dynamic Today

Every trip starts with having the right kind of vehicle so that you can make it to your destination. With the right features at your disposal, the S60 Dynamic is ready for wherever you want to go.

This popular compact luxury sedan gets an impressive 31 MPG on the highway in an AWD package for best in class efficiency. What this means is spending less time at gas stations, and more time getting to your destination. The engine is designed to provide you with the right amount of power and acceleration for a variety of road conditions. 

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Exciting and Sleek, the Volvo XC40 Momentum Has Arrived

It is no simple task to place at the top of the class on your debut, but that is exactly what the Volvo XC40 has done. This luxury line of compact SUVs is rated number one by many, and the reasons why are clear: the total package that the Volvo XC40 provides is composed of top-notch features.

The Volvo XC40 Momentum base trim is attractively designed with varied color choices in metallic and solid colors and chrome trim, and many of the colors come with a white roof, white spokes on the wheels and white door mirror caps. 

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Helpful Tips to Avoiding a Tire Blowout at High Speeds

Taking a closer look at your tire treads because they will give clear indications if they may be failing. Here are a couple tire issues you should pay closer attention to each week.

When your car tires hit the curb or run into potholes, it can negatively affect the car's front end alignment. The tires start to wear in areas they shouldn't, increasing the chances for a blowout. If you feel the steering is harder to maintain, schedule a front end alignment at the service center before the tires are damaged. 

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The Importance of Roadside Emergency Kits

Despite thinking we’re always prepared when we go on a trip, the truth is that we’re seldom as prepared as we need to be if we have a roadside emergency. Stop at our Volvo service center in Alpharetta, GA to speak with our great staff and get some tips on roadside emergency kits.

Roadside emergency kits have supplies to get you through an emergency. Regardless of the season, you’ll want things like jumper cables, flashlight and batteries, water, and automotive fluids. If it’s summer, you may want a cooler with supplies. 

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Your Time is More Valuable Than the 3,000-Mile Oil Change Myth

It's already difficult finding the time to fit in an oil change, and that's probably something that you only do a few times each year. With work, school, and other commitments, your calendar probably already looks full. Here at North Point Volvo Cars, we can relate, and that's why we are delighted to share that the 3,000-mile oil change myth has been dispelled for good.

With older cars, more frequent oil changes were necessary. However, most modern cars can go much longer in between oil changes. 

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