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Our 2023 Volvo XC90 lease deals provide an alternative way to enjoy this impressive three-row SUV other than financing. Maybe you're a large family that's had to take two cars everywhere, making seating for seven a luxury in and of itself. Or you have a three-row SUV, but it's not the most fuel-efficient. This model has been recently redesigned to incorporate mild-hybrid technology. You won't have to charge it, but you'll benefit from this burst of fuel efficiency. Learn more about how a Volvo XC90 lease might be right for you.

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Why Lease a 2023 Volvo XC90?

While our new Volvo inventory contains many standouts, the Volvo XC90 is often picked for its size. Those in the front row get 40.9 inches of legroom; the second row offers a comfortable 37 inches. While many three-row SUVs have third-row legroom in the mid-20-inches range – suitable enough for kids – the Volvo XC90 has 31.9 inches.

If you have fewer people and more stuff to transport, it has a maximum cargo capacity of 85.7 cubic feet behind the first row and can tow up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped.

People also appreciate this vehicle's power. Its standard powertrain is the B5 AWD, and it delivers up to 247 horsepower, 258 pound-feet of torque, and an EPA-estimated 22/28/25 MPG (City/Highway/Combined).1 It can go from zero to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds, but if you're looking for faster acceleration, there's the B6 AWD powertrain. It supercharges the performance of the B5's turbocharged four-cylinder engine to give you 295 horsepower, 310 pound-feet of torque, and a 6.4-second zero-to-60-mph time.

To check out a vehicle the same size but with even more horsepower and greater fuel economy, ask our staff at North Point Volvo to show you our Volvo XC90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid inventory for even more electrified eco-friendly performance.

2023 Volvo XC90 Lease Deals vs. Financing Offers

People gravitate toward our Volvo XC90 lease offers because they offer flexibility. If your teenagers will soon have their own cars or move to college, you might not need a three-row SUV long-term. Leasing lasts 36 months usually, allowing you to adapt to changes more easily. The Volvo XC90 lease price can also be less than the monthly financing fee. However, you won't build equity and can be subject to overage fees if you exceed the annual mileage cap. For more clarity on both options, our team will happily discuss our all-new Volvo deals and specials.

Take Advantage of Our Volvo XC90 Lease Specials Today

If you're interested in exploring the Core, Plus, and Ultimate trims that can be found among our all-new Volvo XC90 inventory in Atlanta, GA, we welcome you. We'll answer any lingering questions and get you on a test drive.


How much does it cost to lease a Volvo XC90?

To get a no-obligation quote on a Volvo XC90 lease, reach out to our staff today. They can give you a custom quote based on factors like your preferred trim and how much you put down at signing. They can also mention any currently running Volvo XC90 lease incentives that may be able to get you the SUV you want for less.

What type of gas does the Volvo XC90 take?

The Volvo XC90 SUV's B5 and B6 powertrain options work best with 91-octane premium fuel. However, you can utilize regular gasoline without causing harm to the engine. This vehicle also uses regenerative braking to boost the vehicle's overall fuel efficiency to extend the time you have before you need to fill up without requiring you to externally charge the SUV.

When will the Volvo XC90 be redesigned?

The Volvo XC90 was recently redesigned, replacing the T5 and T6 powertrains that were utilized in 2022 with the B5 and B6 mild-hybrid options for 2023. This update involves incorporating a battery into the SUV to allow you to store recaptured energy from its regenerative braking technology to boost your fuel economy and lower your emissions. Because of this overhaul, we don't expect another big redesign for a few years.

1For more information, please visit the official US government source for all fuel economy at

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