Helpful Tips to Avoiding a Tire Blowout at High Speeds

Taking a closer look at your tire treads because they will give clear indications if they may be failing. Here are a couple tire issues you should pay closer attention to each week.

When your car tires hit the curb or run into potholes, it can negatively affect the car's front end alignment. The tires start to wear in areas they shouldn't, increasing the chances for a blowout. If you feel the steering is harder to maintain, schedule a front end alignment at the service center before the tires are damaged.

Visual inspections of you are tires take five minutes, and can greatly reduce the chance of a tire blowout. If you see obstructions, bulges, or cracks in the tread, bring the tire in for servicing. If you find any issues with the car tires, visit North Point Volvo Cars and our tire technicians will address the issue and be sure to set you up with future tire rotation appointments.

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