Stay Out of Road Glare Accidents With These Tips

You might be concerned about your safety while driving under normal conditions. But when you're getting glare from the sun, you need to employ some extra precautions to ensure that you stay on the road and safe from other vehicles. Here are a couple of tips that can make dealing with the glare from a setting or rising sun easier.

When the sun is shining into your eyes, you might find it more difficult to accurately assess how much distance there is between your vehicle and another vehicle in front of you. It's also likely that it will be more difficult to see the brake lights on other vehicles. Allow more distance between you and the car in front of you so that it's less likely that you'll rear-end another vehicle.

You should also focus on the lines on the road instead of looking straight out in front of you. Use your peripheral vision to know what other vehicles nearby are doing.



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