Cold Weather Tactics for a Car Battery

When the temperature drops outdoors, some parts of a car freeze. If a battery freezes, it will continue to operate. However, depending on the weather effects, a battery may develop some inefficiencies after it thaws. A strong defensive is the best way to protect a battery in the winter, and you can build a solid defense by following a few simple steps.

Arctic air has a very low temperature that can easily generate frost on a battery. Because a car battery contains lead acid, a freeze can turn the liquid to a solid. After this happens, a battery won't be able to provide any power until the acid thaws. By properly preparing for severe winter weather events, you can protect your car battery. The easy strategy involves completely charging the battery. When battery cells reach their full capacity, they hold energy, and the heat from the energy keeps heavy ice and frost off a battery. If a major storm will happen in your neighborhood, remove the battery from the car, and store it in your home.

The team at North Point Volvo Cars can provide more cold weather strategies for a battery.



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