Keeping Your Pets Comfortable In The Car

Your pets are like members of your family, so when you're traveling, they need to be kept safe in your car as well. Avoid waiting until the last minute to make sure your car is in proper mechanical condition. You should also avoid making sure your car has all of the essentials for your pet at the last minute.

When you're traveling with any kind of pet, you need to have adequate space in your vehicle as well as the proper restraints. Keep a blanket or a crate in your vehicle so that your pets feel safe and protected. A small bowl for water and food should be in your vehicle so that you can offer these essentials when you stop to get out of your car.

At North Point Volvo Cars, we understand that pets need to travel with you as well. We offer vehicles that have the room that you need for small pets or the largest of furry friends.



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