The Importance of Roadside Emergency Kits

Despite thinking we’re always prepared when we go on a trip, the truth is that we’re seldom as prepared as we need to be if we have a roadside emergency. Stop at our Volvo service center in Alpharetta, GA to speak with our great staff and get some tips on roadside emergency kits.

Roadside emergency kits have supplies to get you through an emergency. Regardless of the season, you’ll want things like jumper cables, flashlight and batteries, water, and automotive fluids. If it’s summer, you may want a cooler with supplies. If it’s winter, consider adding some gloves, hats, and blankets. Tire repair kits, first aid kits and a set of basic tools are good for any season.

Whether you need to stock up on supplies for a roadside emergency kit or have some other automotive need, we’ve got your back. Visit North Point Volvo Cars and see what we all have to offer.

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