How is Synthetic Motor Oil Different?

You may have heard that there are different types of oil available for your vehicle. There is the conventional motor oil that has been around for years. There is the synthetic-conventional oil blend, and then there are oils which are fully synthetic. Which one is right for your car? The North Point Volvo Cars service team can help.

Synthetic oil differs from conventional oil in a few ways. Synthetic oil goes through a more rigorous refinement process. More of the impurities are removed from the oil, allowing for it to build up less sludge. Synthetic oil also lasts longer than conventional oil, so you might not have to change oil as often. Synthetic oil performs well even in very cold and very warm weather.

If you are not sure what is the best type of oil for your vehicle's engine, contact our auto service station located in Alpharetta, GA. The service department can help you to determine what is the best oil for your car, and they can perform oil changes and other maintenance services.

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