Belts and Hoses Play Critical Roles in Your Performance

Your vehicle maintenance routine should definitely revolve around the big items, such as engine oil changes and transmission services. But in between those, you will want to look at and maintain the smaller items that can lead to bigger problems if left unattended. Your belts and hoses are a prime example of this.

Doing a check on your belts and hoses is fairly quick and simple. Do a visual inspection of them under proper light. Give a little squeeze and press on them looking for cracks and signs of wear. You will notice small cracks and lines that are normal, but if you see any that are particularly large or that open up all the way, then you know that it is time to replace them.

If you need an inspection or service on your vehicle's belts and hoses, then bring it to our Volvo parts and service center in Alpharetta, GA.

Categories: Service
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