Covering Paint Imperfections

Whether your vehicle is scratched from a shopping cart in a parking lot or the paint on your vehicle is faded, you can apply touch up paint in a short time to give your vehicle a facelift. Before applying any kind of paint, you need to find a shade that matches the exterior of your vehicle. When you visit North Point Volvo Cars, we can help you find the right shade for your vehicle that will make it look like you haven't applied paint at all.

Examine the area you want to touch up for rust. There are products that you can put on areas of rust to keep it from spreading so that you don't have to replace the entire piece of metal. You can then apply paint to the area of the vehicle that needs extra care and attention.

If you notice areas of paint that are less than perfect on your vehicle or you have minor chips and scratches that you want to cover, then visit us in Alpharetta, GA for a special touch. We can help you find the color to match and properly cover the area with a minimal amount of paint.

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