Fluids for a Smooth Ride

Understanding different vehicle fluids is a critical step for preventative car maintenance the owner can complete to evade endless appointments to the mechanic. These are some of the indispensable vehicle fluids oils require checking and changing for a smooth running vehicle.

• Engine oil is a critical car fluid that lubricates the internal part of a car preventing mechanical wear. It should be checked once a month, or every time the driver fills up the gas to eliminate wear particles that decrease engine life. One should refer to their manual for manufacturer’s information on oil changing which depends on manufacturer and year.

• Transmission fluid, checked monthly for quality when the car is running. If the liquid is low, red or has a burnt smell, the car owner should take the vehicle to the mechanic.

• Coolant fluid prevents the car from overheating.

• Brake fluid which ensures the proper functioning of the brakes and should get replaced monthly.

Other essential fluids include; power steering fluids, radiator fluid, and washer fluid. Fluid-related maintenance should be done at the dealer because they have access to the vehicle information and understand their fluid needs and preferences. Dealers further provide information to the owner on how they can ensure optimum functioning through appropriate fluid checks and changes.

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