Why is Your Wiper Fluid Important?

As a driver, you may only think of checking fluid levels when planning a road trip. But did you know that windshield wiper fluid is just as important as oil or transmission fluid to your car?

Dirty windows are a safety hazard in winter due to mud on roadways from melting ice or other road debris kicked up by fellow commuters. Keep fluid topped off to have clear visibility for driving in any weather. The car's windshield washer system can clear away any mud that gets splashed on the windshield from passing vehicles, without smearing, as long as there is fluid in the reservoir.

The pump projects washer fluid onto the window and the wiper blade cleans and dries the glass. The wiper fluid is not only important for cleaning the windshield, but it keeps the pump, nozzles, and hoses lubricated to keep them from drying out and cracking. Dry, cracked hoses can render the washer system useless when you need it the most.

Visit North Point Volvo in Alpharetta, Georgia for your winter service appointment. We are happy to check out the quality and quantity of the windshield washer fluid in your reservoir.

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